How Péter got rid of hay fever without drugs

Millions of people suffer from hay fever. While traditional drugs remain a popular remedy, new and alternative methods like biofeedback are increasingly helping sufferers like Péter Praszák to take control of their symptoms in a natural way. Now completely free of hay fever, Péter is interviewed by Andreea Taflan. They are joined by Péter’s healthcare provider and biofeedback practitioner Dr. Sara Balla, MD. 

Andreea: When did you first discover you had hay fever?

Péter: I was about six years old when I first started to get teary eyes and a runny nose during the spring and summer. I managed to push through it for years, but things got worse when I came of age. Loud snoring at night included <laughs>. I consulted my GP and he diagnosed me with hay fever.  

Andreea: What treatment did you receive?

Péter: My GP prescribed Claritine and a nasal steroid spray, but I wasn’t too happy with that. It did relieve my symptoms for a great deal, but the side effects bothered me a lot. The Claritine made me feel sleepy and the nasal spray left an awful taste in my mouth. I felt I was too young to be taking steroids and popping pills almost constantly, but there was no alternative at the time. 

Andreea: How did you discover biofeedback?

Péter: I was a student and having one of those terrible days. There was so much pollen in the air, my classmates thought I was crying my eyes out because something bad had happened. And then this girl in my class introduced me to Dr. Sara Balla. I was sceptic at first but decided to give the therapy a try and have not regretted it since.  

Andreea: How is biofeedback different from drugs?

Dr. BallaThe major difference is that biofeedback has no side effects. It is what doctors call a non-invasive type of therapy. Instead of medication, biofeedback relies on electrical pulses that ‘re-educate’ the immune system, so to speak.  

Andreea: ‘Re-educating’ the immune system, how does that work?


Dr. Balla: Péter’s immune system overreacted to pollen because certain cells in his body and brain were out of balance, meaning that they were moving at the wrong frequency. The biofeedback device I use in my practice spotted which cells were affected and got them to move at their normal frequency again.

Andreea: When did results start to show?

Péter: It happened very gradually, but I am very happy to say that my hay fever symptoms had completely vanished after about twenty weekly sessions. They each lasted about an hour. To my surprise, and much to my wife’s joy, even the snoring has stopped. 

Andreea: Do you still rely on drugs to deal with hay fever?

Péter: Amazingly, not at all! This is why I think everyone suffering from allergies should give biofeedback a shot. It is completely harmless and can take away the need for drugs entirely. Mind you, I can only speak for myself. 


Dr. Balla: Indeed, some people do need to continue taking drugs nonetheless, but many of them find that they can get by on smaller doses. It’s because their immune system, too, remembers how it is supposed to function.  


Andreea: How are you feeling today, Péter?

Péter: I never thought I would be able to go outside on a lovely summer day and not have to blow my nose all the time without resorting to pharmaceuticals. But here I am, completely free of hay fever symptoms and without drugs in my body. What’s more, my sleep has also improved a lot and I recently picked up tennis again because I feel stronger than ever. I feel great, to say the least.  

About Dr. Sara Balla  

Dr. Sara Balla, MD, is a general practitioner who discovered biofeedback five years ago. She runs a successful practice in Budapest, Hungary, where she combines her medical training with biofeedback technology and holistic medicine. Dr. Balla’s practice is focused on both health and beauty, providing her clients with all the benefits biofeedback can offer. 

About Péter Praszák 

Péter Praszák is an engineer living in Budapest. Next to raising his seven-year-old daughter, he loves sailing, running and hiking 

About Andreea Taflan 

Andreea Taflan is the CEO and a co-founder of QX World. She studied Business Management and Marketing and has a master’s degree in Public Relations and Communications. In 2005, Andreea was appointed the right hand of the original developer of biofeedback technology and since 2012 she has taken the lead in further developing the technology. Currently, she leads both the software and hardware department at QX World and is considered one of the top experts in the field of biofeedback. 

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