‘In The QX Loop’ is a brand new magazine for you as a health counselor and your clients and this with an eye on a broader perspective in health. 

Who is the magazine for?

The magazine is intended for anyone interested in holistic health approaches in general and biofeedback in particular. Whether you are a health practitioner, a client or you wish to keep up to date with health topics you will find easily accessible and simple to apply information that will put you and your health on the right track. 

What content does the magazine bring?

In The QX Loop’ brings relevant content to anyone interested in holistic health in general and biofeedback in particular. It is great for staying informed as a health professional as well as for informing your clients.
How does a biofeedback session work? How can you bring your body and mind into relaxation? Find the QX Playlists to help you do just that. Control your stress levels and anxiety without sedatives. What are the benefits of biofeedback? You will find out all about it ‘In The QX Loop’ spring edition. 

What can you do with the magazine?

Read, share, inform yourself, show it off, this is just a few of the things you can do with the magazine. 🙂 Share the digital version through all your social channels with everyone you know who is interested in health. The more people we reach, the better off we are of course.
Besides the digital version a hard copy is also available, you can request it at [email protected]. Use the magazine to put in the waiting room of the practice or on your magazine table at home. You will be eye-catching with it!
Questions and/or remarks about the magazine? Get in touch!
Do you have questions, comments, want to contribute, interview or give an interview? Contact us informally at [email protected]!
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