Happy statements
from healthier clients

User Experiences


David B. (55)

It’s been about four months since I made a real turnaround in my life. My energy levels are pretty much back to how they were before I hit burnout, and happily, I’ve patched things up with my family too.


Stacy F. (42)

It’s incredibly hard to explain what living with chronic fatigue syndrome means to someone who doesn’t suffer from it. Six months into my program, my outlook on life is totally different. I have this renewed sense of self, and find myself gradually returning to activities I used to enjoy.


Lisa F. (31)

Migraine no longer controls my life. I started to notice a difference after about four or five sessions already. I wasn’t getting migraines as often, and when I did, they weren’t as severe. It’s an amazing technology and I’m very grateful that Dr. Simon introduced me to it. 


Mev Darcia X, India

“I always had digestive
problems. Thanks to the QUEX S I know what to pay better
attention to”


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gelukkiger kliënte

Wat ons vennote sê


Dr Muton X, Frankryk

“With the support of QX World,
I have been able to report a
23% faster recovery rate in


Dr Brad D, New York

“QX World provided me all the assistance
and expertise to help 43% of my
clients in a way I could not do before”


Me Dupont D, Frankryk

“Thanks to the QX technology, my
clients happiness grew from
74% to 87%”


Mnr Punjabi D, India

“Met die oplossings van QX kon ek my inkomste verdubbel”

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