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Remember when we explained what biofeedback is, and how quantum biofeedback takes traditional biofeedback methods to a much more advanced level? This article zooms in on the specific workings of quantum biofeedback, for a more detailed understanding of what sets it apart from its basic alternative. 

Basic biofeedback focuses on the conscious mind

During basic biofeedback therapy, you are hooked up to a biofeedback device by means of electrical sensors placed on your skin. The device measures how your body functions when at rest (in terms of heart rate, muscle tension, breathing, …) and how it responds to external stimuli. The measurements are displayed to you on a monitor and the therapist teaches you how tochange the measurements at will, for example lowering your own heart rate.  


In this sense, basic biofeedback focuses on the frontal cortex, also known as the conscious part of the brain.  

Quantum biofeedback uses the unconscious

Just like with basic biofeedback, a quantum biofeedback practitioner places sensors or harnesses on the body to measure physiological markers of relaxation, i.e. skin temperature and muscle tension. With quantum biofeedback, however, the body’s galvanic skin response (sweat levels) is added to the mix as well. And then there is, of course, a quantum biofeedback device involved.  


Quantum biofeedback promotes a deeper understanding of the body and its healing capacities than basic biofeedback. More specifically, a quantum feedback device focuses on the unconscious parts of the brain and the autonomic nervous system, which quantum biofeedback scientists like to call the body electric.  

The body as an electric circuit

Quantum biofeedback adheres to the basic principle that all cells in the body vibrate at a frequency that is uniquely designed for them, emitting electromagnetic waves that together form a circuit: the body electric. A quantum biofeedback device, in turn, applies principles of electric engineering. It sends soft electric pulses through the body, establishing a feedback loop to detect problems with the body electric and, in some cases, even re-educate cells that turn out to be out of balance.  

What can quantum biofeedback help prevent?

As a quantum biofeedback device focuses on the entire body electric, there is virtually no end to the list of stress factors that have a role in diseases, allergies, intolerances, toxins, deficiencies and even addictions it can help prevent or alleviate. At this moment, literature shows that the average quantum biofeedback device checks over 15,000 markers. 

How can quantum biofeedback aid the healing process?

While there are known cases where quantum biofeedback therapy alone relieved clients of their ailings, it is commonly acknowledged that quantum biofeedback is at its best when combined with other therapies, acting as a facilitator that significantly increases the client’s chances of success.  


Because quantum biofeedback re-educates the body electric, helping the body regain its balance, the pathway needed for certain drugs, chemotherapy and other types of treatments to take maximum effect is smoothened in a way that cannot be compared to any other therapies available today. 

Questions about quantum biofeedback? Shoot!

To get the most out of quantum biofeedback therapy, understanding how the process works can prove very helpful. Our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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