Short and powerful. We are happy to invite you to our new series, the Omnis Power Sessions!

Since its birth, the QX World Health Academy wants to give back control to people and society over one’s own health. We offer doctors and therapists insight into the functioning of our software and the interaction between the 3 main systems that work together in our bodies: the brain, metabolism, and immune system.

OMNIS supplies the most comprehensive and interconnecting holistic health system base known and provides you with a unique, multifactorial, and causal framework for thinking. In this way, you begin to see solutions to challenges you may be stuck with as a therapist in your practice.

That’s why we look forward to seeing you during the new series of OMNIS Power Sessions. These are unique live moments in which we take you for an hour and a half through the first steps of the rich OMNIS structure. Each lecture at an OMNIS Power Session focuses on one or more panels or modules in Omnis. We start from there to explain the vision built in OMNIS.


2023 Március

30mar5:00 pm7:00 pmOmnis Power Session - How does a basic go-to session look like? by Botan Diler

2023 Április

20apr5:00 pm7:00 pmOmnis Power Session - Home Use or how a Biofeedback session can also be simple - by Wim Verschelden

2023 Május

25may5:00 pm7:00 pmOmnis Power Session - Master the fascinating NLP program by Gage Tarrant

2023 Június

22jun5:00 pm7:00 pmOmnis Power Session- Shedding light on the Dark Field Analysis Program! by Botan Diler

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