Omnis Power Session – Efficiency at your fingertips Part 2 by Margret Margretardottir


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Iridology, Body Viewer and how to use the adjoining OMNIS programs to reach the full potential in your sessions

The Iridology

Complemente su software OMNIS con un programa adicional que utiliza los superpoderes de la iridología. Trabajando en perfecta armonía con su OMNIS, puede ejecutar simultáneamente los dos programas juntos y utilizar la Iridología para proporcionar un tratamiento ligero de fondo para abordar una amplia gama de factores de estrés. Desde puntos de acupuntura, hasta dolencias específicas relacionadas con los ojos, la Iridología se enfoca en los factores de estrés en las siguientes áreas: Facial, Ocular, Ginecología, Dental, Reparación de cuadrantes, Coordinación ojo-mano, Geometría sagrada, Anatomía general y muchos más. ¡Tan fácil de usar como puedas imaginar! Elige tu foco de terapia, haz doble clic y deja que tu dispositivo QUEX realice los protocolos de equilibrio ideales con la intensidad y fuerza óptimas.

The Body Viewer

Walking the pathway to health becomes so much easier when clients can actually ‘see’ what needs fixing!

Project visual enhancement with high quality videos during the OMNIS session! With the Body Viewer, you are literally able to offer your patients a 3D experience, using the combined effects of visualization and very specific guided imagery designed to aid the main session as light frequential treatment. A whole library of audio video material is at your fingertips, all amplified with a mix of vibrational, auditory and visual stimuli that will actively involve the client in the recovery process. The powers of guided imagery and positive reinforcement have tremendous effects on general wellbeing, or on a focused specific problem we want to address. The Body Viewer is in constant information exchange with the main OMNIS, auto focusing its subconscious choices using the results you obtain continuously during your session. You can make your own selections or run an automated flow of therapies that gets the most current information from the OMNIS!