Let’s resonate – How and where can I find a biofeedback therapist?

Now that you know what biofeedback is and have become familiar with its countless benefits, you may wonder how to find a biofeedback therapist. In this article, we discuss who performs or practices biofeedback, enabling you to make a well-informed decision to improve your health. 

Biofeedback therapists

Biofeedback is used in different kinds of professions. Many biofeedback therapists are … 


  • counsellors 
  • Therapeuten 
  • doctors 
  • psychologists 
  • health and lifestyle
  • coaches 


As a proven method to relieve Den Stress, and gain control over your body, biofeedback is also practiced in various environments, including … 


  • sports environments 
  • hospitals 

Always ask for credentials …

In all cases, the person who conducts a biofeedback session must be certified by an accredited organization, after having completed a comprehensive course in biofeedback. One of the centers organizing trainings in biofeedback is the QX World Health Akademie, of which more than 3,750 complementary healthcare practitioners are a member. 


… and pick someone you’re comfortable with

When looking for a biofeedback therapist, we recommend choosing someone you feel comfortable with. Go for a therapist who pays attention to your individual problems and needs in order to find the most suitable form of biofeedback therapy for you. Your body is unique, so your biofeedback sessions should be as well. 


Don’t just settle for any biofeedback therapist. This is your journey and your health. 


How does a biofeedback session work?

To perform a biofeedback session, a certified biofeedback therapist will always use specialized equipment called a biofeedback device. While you’re hooked to the biofeedback device, the therapist has it run a specific software protocol based on a previously created inventory of your individual stressors.  


Depending on your specific stressors, the protocol monitors your brain waves, heart rate, breathing, skin temperature or muscle tension. The information gathered is fed back to you on a monitor – hence the term ‘biofeedback’. With the software running, the biofeedback therapist then teaches you to make deliberate changes in your body. If the therapist uses a quantum biofeedback device such as the QUEX S or QUEX ED, the devices also sets out to activate your body’s subconscious self-healing capacity. All you have to do in that case is sit back and relax. 


Questions about biofeedback therapists? Get in touch!

f you’re thinking about getting started with biofeedback but are not sure how to find a biofeedback therapist, or if you have any other questions about biofeedback in general, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts are happy to help and will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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