What is biofeedback? What are the benefits? 

Electromagnetic waves are all around us, yet few are aware of the feedback they can provide about mental and physical wellbeing, let alone the impact they can have on the body’s automatic functions. In an interview with Andreea Taflan, psychotherapist and bioresonance expert Silky Polifka explains all about biofeedback and talks about the relief it has brought to her clients over the years. 

Andreea Taflan: What is biofeedback?

Silky Polifka: The body gives us continuous feedback about our wellbeing. When we feel stressed, for example, our heart rate increases, and our hands may start to sweat. When we feel tired, we lose our focus and may start having headaches. The feedback the body gives us is what experts call biofeedback. 

Andreea Taflan: How can biofeedback therapy help people take control over their health?

Silky Polifka: Over the years, I have seen hundreds if not thousands of clients who have increased their ability to relax and focus through biofeedback therapy. Among them are adults and children with autism and ADHD. What’s more, many of my clients have found relief from diseases, allergies, stress and anxiety, smoking addiction, … 


When clients come to me for a biofeedback therapy session, I connect them to a biofeedback device, using electrodes which are painlessly placed on the skin. The device uses electric current to scan all the different types of biofeedback the body has to offer, including (but not limited to): 


  • heart rate  
  • breathing pattern 
  • sweat levels 
  • body temperature 
  • muscle tension 

The results of the scan are displayed on a monitor. I then help clientr master various techniques to change the body’s automatic functions at will – for instance, I teach them to lower their heart rate – while they can see the effect of their efforts on the monitor. 


Andreea Taflan: How does a biofeedback device work?  

Silky Polifka: In a healthy body, all cells operate at their ideal frequency, as nature intends it. Unhealthy cells vibrate differently. They emit electromagnetic waves that are flawed. A biofeedback device detects what’s wrong by sending electric pulses through the body. 


The list of problems that a biofeedback device can detect is almost endless. Take the device I use in my practice, which is a quantum biofeedback device. It measures over 15,000 indicators including vitamin levels, nutrients levels and brain waves. Next to various allergies and diseases, this device can spot depression, ADHD, autism and addictions, due to the abnormal frequency of certain cells.   


Andreea Taflan: What is the biggest benefit biofeedback has to offer?

Silky Polifka: Perhaps one of the most important benefits of biofeedback therapy is that it can significantly improve the effects of medication and other kinds of therapies. Many of my clients get by on smaller doses of their medication after completing therapy, with some even needing no more drugs at all. People also tend to handle rehabilitation programs better when biofeedback therapy is used to improve their focus and to decrease feelings of anxiety and depression. In that way, biofeedback therapy can enhance any type of therapy imaginable. 


About Silky Polifka 

Born in Germany, Silky Polifka is a Master in Bioresonance and Electro-Acupuncture. She studied Holistic Energetic Medicine at the University of Malta and obtained her degree in Psychotherapy in 1988. Certified in 2000, Silky has been using QX quantum biofeedback devices in her practice for over 20 years.  


About Andreea Taflan 

Andreea Taflan is the CEO and a co-founder of QX World. She studied Business Management and Marketing and has a master’s degree in Public Relations and Communications. In 2005, Andreea was appointed the right hand of the original developer of biofeedback technology and since 2012 she has taken the lead in further developing the technology. Currently, she leads both the software and hardware department at QX World and is considered one of the top experts in the field of biofeedback. 

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