The Biofeedback Health Hero Sessions are a series of stand-alone webinars that start from a certain pathology point of view and go through a complete related stress reactivity profiling process with the QX World devices.

Here the aim is to concentrate on identifying the root factor causing the stress, not the release of the symptom itself, following a perspective that moves from the general knowledge about the certain pathology, to the methods QX Biofeedback offers to help alleviate the related stress factors.

It is providing a better understanding of the ongoing processes as you will see several pathways that can be followed as a process through OMNIS to support your clients. In doing so, the different programs, modules and panels will be scrutinized that are useful in the trajectory of stimulating self-regulation of the client’s body.


march 2023

23mar5:00 pm7:30 pmBe a Biofeedback Health Hero - Neurodegenrative stress, approach in parctice by Margret Margretardottir

april 2023

25apr5:00 pm7:30 pmBe a Biofeedback Health Hero - Unravelling the immune system by Wim Verschelden

may 2023

Geen gebeure

june 2023

15jun5:00 pm7:30 pmBe a Biofeedback Health Hero - Control and modulation of the hormonal system by Faith Nelson

july 2023

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august 2023

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september 2023

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october 2023

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november 2023

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