Discover natural beauty with S-ENSO Quantum Rejuvenation Software.

Introducing the S-ENSO Beauty
Quantum Rejuvenation Software

A revolutionary beauty enhancement tool derived from advanced quantum biofeedback technology. Designed to relax facial muscles, smooth out wrinkles, and foster a holistic balance, this software ensures that your beauty shines from the inside out.

Rejuvenate yourself
with the s-enso programs

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Energy Restoration

Will replenish your optimal energy levels and work to rebalance the seven major energy centers of the body, allowing you to function with optimal ease, joy and efficiency.

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Stress Reduction

This is the ultimate deep relaxation program for easing away tension, stress and pain; also excellent for improving sleep habits and enhancing meditation.
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Environmental Stressors

Offers the mind and body an oasis of relief from daily environmental stress, toxins, EMF, noise, pollution and more.

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Weight Management

Maintaining a body weight that is comfortable, attractive and healthy can be an easy process of self- nurturing; facilitates positive changes in attitudes toward food and other cravings.

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Body Scan and Reshape

Micro current technologies are known for stimulating and improving circulation which can have many health benefits. This one focuses on the eliminating of cellulite and improving self-image and confidence.

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Exercise Motivation and Fitness

Offers all of the support, inspiration and motivation of your own personal trainer. Experience your very best at work, in the gym, or in athletic performance. An excellent add-on to any of our services!


Brings you all the powerful healthy aging benefits of micro current technologies helping you look and feel years younger.

Face and Beauty

Designed to help allow your inner beauty to truly shine forth, enhancing the healthy radiance and glow of the skin, restoring clarity and sparkle in the eyes.

Skin and Hair

lustrous, shiny hair is a telltale indicator of health. Our Skin and Hair program is one of our main attractions, known to diminish the appearance of unwanted greys.

Relieve Effects of Gravity

Creates a dramatic improvement in facial lines and wrinkles, as well as a gradual tightening of the loose skin around the face, neck and chin area.
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How does S-enso work?

Microcurrent is known to be the most effective non-surgical method to take years off the face. Our device, along with award-winning Adrienne Feller Cosmetics skin care products, provides dramatic results and is incredibly relaxing. The effects are cumulative, and there are no harmful side effects. Instead, there are additional benefits, which include muscle re-education, an increase of blood circulation and deep relaxation. The result is visible firming of the face, improved skin tone, elasticity, moistness, reduction of wrinkles, pores and optimization of sebum. Working in harmony with the body’s electrical system, microcurrent recharges the muscles. Through this technology, muscle memory is naturally re-established.

Success Stories

See the difference with real stories from our customers who’ve experienced significant improvements in their skin tone and texture.
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Close-up of cheek with multicolored pore mapping. Close-up of skin with colorful light dots.
Close-up of human eye with natural skin texture. Close-up of human skin with visible pores and lines.
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Scientific Validation

Backed by research, our S-enso sessions have shown remarkable results in skin elasticity and reduction of wrinkles, as documented in our comprehensive studies.

Wrinkle Reduction

Initial Results: After just one session, participants saw a 5-10% improvement in wrinkle appearance across all groups. Progressive Improvement: A 15-29% reduction in wrinkles after 5 sessions. A 20-32% reduction after 10 sessions.


There are notable differences in sebum levels between individuals. Recent studies have shown that sebum production can be enhanced by up to 24% in certain cases. This increase in sebum levels can have significant impacts on the skin's appearance and overall health.


Half of the participants noted changes in pore size and count, with an average improvement of approximately 10%.

Skin Moisture
and Elasticity

Our product confidently enhances skin moisture by about 10% across all groups, providing our customers with optimal results!


Significant enhancement with a 33% improvement, representing a substantial boost in performance.

Relaxation and Sleep

Immediate Relaxation: All participants experienced deep relaxation, falling asleep within minutes of starting the session and remaining asleep until the end. Long-Term Relaxation: Participants reported feeling relaxed throughout the day. Sleep Improvement: Those suffering from insomnia noted easier sleep initiation and more sound sleep following sessions.

Additional Skin

Lifting Effects: Notable lifting of droopy eyelids and jowls, along with tightening of brow and jaw lines. Facial Enhancement: Enhanced facial contours and firmness. Reduction in Puffiness and Inflammation: Decrease in facial puffiness and inflammation, promoting smoother skin texture and tone.


JOY Prix de Beauté

For two decades, the JOY Prix de Beauté has been a highlight in the beauty industry, showcasing the world’s leading brands and their acclaimed products in a grand competition determined by public vote. Each year, consumers participate in selecting winners across diverse categories, including Hair Care, Facial Care, Fragrances, Body Care, Anti-Aging, Decorative Cosmetics, and Conscious Products. This prestigious event not only celebrates excellence in beauty but also reflects evolving trends and consumer preferences in the industry.


We are proud to announce that a few years ago, our rejuvenation software earned 3rd place in this esteemed contest. This recognition underscores our long-standing commitment to innovation and excellence in providing top-tier rejuvenation solutions to our users.

Third place award certificate for Joy Prix de Beauté 2011.

Cosmo beauty award

We are thrilled to announce that our Beauty Rejuvenation Software has been awarded first place in the beauty treatment category, based on the votes of the professional jury. This prestigious recognition was granted at the renowned Cosmo Beauty Awards in 2018, an annual competition celebrating the highest standards of innovation and excellence in the beauty industry.


Our award-winning Beauty Rejuvenation Software is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional care and results to our clients. We are honored to be recognized among the top professionals in the field and will continue to strive for excellence in all that we do.

Cosmo Beauty Awards 2018 Winner plaque with heart design.


Our commitment to quality and safety is paramount. Each of our products is rigorously tested to ensure they meet the latest regulatory standards for safety and efficacy. We adhere strictly to industry best practices to deliver a product you can trust

Real beauty comes from within and when we feel good about ourselves, we radiate that beauty outward.

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