Your Premium Modular Expandable Energy Balancing System

How SCIO has matured! Meet the QUEX S® !

Smartly enhancing your workflow

Imagine a smarter way of doing relaxing and energy visualisation. That’s what QUEX S is all about. Smartly enhancing your workflow. Taking energetic, close-up and overview rendering. Providing intelligent and augmented insights. While remaining uniquely affordable, accessible and modular expandable. QUEX S is ingeniously designed to expand your expertise.

  • Software

    Standard Omnis software and basic report included​

  • Extendable Modules

    Bodyviewer, Disease Dictionary, Iridology, Biofeedback Interface Graphics, Degen Scan, Home Use

  • 2 frequency generators

    2 frequency generators, simultaneous input and output

  • 1 Hz-450.000 Hz

    1 Hz-450.000 Hz frequency range

  • ECG chip

    ECG chip, highest standard, safe and effective

  • Stand-alone Apps

    Senso rejuvenation, Anti-s, Prayer

Client care - supercharged

QUEX S is extremely intelligent, capable of handling – and perfecting – every energetic and relaxation visualization task. Transform the way you work and be more effective for your customers.

Augment your expertise with informed insights

The power of the QUEX S is unlimited. We continue to develop and integrate new groundbreaking capabilities designed to support better visualizations with the deeper insights you need to feel confident.

Affordable and accessible

QUEX S is offered as a premium entry-level model, which means little financial risks and no big investments.

Enjoy access to all the features and functionalities you need when you need them or when it fits into your budget.

The price includes access to standard Omnis software, standard reporting system, dedicated support and regular updates of both software and firmware.

Powering the most comprehensive and interconnecting holistic health system in the market

Understand the 

All embracing to see the invisible

One of the basics of QX World’s OMNIS software, is the use and linking of multiple known perspectives in holistic knowledge. These abstract views, grouping content windows that logically belong together, can then be used as one element, and as such be addressed during your energetic training. Perspectives can either be generated by the software or created by the user, depending on the user’s knowledge and/or on the objective of the training.

More powerful & efficiency

The powerful QX World OMNIS software will boost your operational efficiency and will save you many hours of precious time. Thanks to the system’s advanced capabilities and linking between different knowledge models, you no longer need to go dive deeply inside each holistic healthcare knowledge to generate and master all the information yourself. 


QX World’s OMNIS is the result of more than ten years of intensive R&D and many years of strong commitment to the health care industry. This solid expertise has developed into a highly reliable software that brings maximum uptime to your energetic visualization and therapy.

Long term support

QX World’s Software Care program assures that via 6-monthly version updates for the OMNIS software and with it the complete database system is kept secure, and new feature improvements are added to answer your evolving therapy needs.

Available modules

Biofeedback Interface Graphics (BIG)

Do you want to see how your device works in real time? Our Biofeedback Interface Graphics module is here exactly for that! Follow the reaction of your patient, the output of the device, the harness connection and valuable information taken simultaneously from the OMNIS, all at the same time. Using some of the methods of more traditional Biofeedback, the BIG can also help your patient gain balance, train themselves, master their reactions and be more in contact with their inner self and capabilities, all working together to activate the body’s ability to heal itself.


Walking the pathway to health becomes so much easier when clients can actually ‘see’ what needs fixing! Project visual enhancement with high quality videos during the OMNIS session! With the Body Viewer, you are literally able to offer your patients a 3D experience, using the combined effects of visualization and very specific guided imagery designed to aid the main session as light frequential treatment. A whole library of audio video material is at your fingertips, all amplified with a mix of vibrational, auditory and visual stimuli that will actively involve the client in the recovery process. The powers of guided imagery and positive reinforcement have tremendous effects on general wellbeing, or on a focused specific problem we want to address. The Body Viewer is in constant information exchange with the main OMNIS, auto focusing its subconscious choices using the results you obtain continuously during your session. You can make your own selections or run an automated flow of therapies that gets the most current information from the OMNIS!

Degen Scan

A Piggyback program that detects subtle energies and allows for the possibility to work on an existing condition, if known, to apply light entrainment. From user friendly design, multiple therapy threads, to scans focused on emotional versus physical causes, the Degen Scan has it all! Degen Scan is built on the same principle as Quantic Biofeedback, helping the therapist find the causes of dis-ease, work on eliminating the stress factors, and building the path back to health from there on.

Disease Dictionary

Contrary to what its name states, this OMNIS module is anything but your typical library function. Focused on health case, this is a sort of dictionary that translates a condition into multiple ways of natural medicine designed to address it and reduce the stress factors associated with it. Click on an item in the list and you are rewarded with a range of natural therapy and advice, from Chinese Oriental Acupuncture, Electroacupuncture, Behavioral Medicine to the more conservatory Medical Definition and Symptom Check. As it runs together with OMNIS and all the other modules, you then have the option to work on multiple issues at the same time and give your patient the best possible care.

Home Use

Intricate part of OMNIS, the Home Use module is “home” to your automated therapy base, quick and easy to use, one of the most favorite modules amongst our therapists. You can personalize a session on the spot, choosing from more than 25 therapy options, with individual timings and an overall progress view. Ideal for returning clients that want to work on specific items, an impromptu client drop by, or even a self-focused session. Outstanding results while being time efficient!


Complement your OMNIS Software with an additional program that uses the superpowers of Iridology. Working in perfect harmony with your OMNIS, you can simultaneously run the two programs together and use the Iridology to provide light piggyback treatment for an exhaustive range of stress factors. From acupuncture points to specific eye related complaints, the Iridology focuses on stress factors in the following area: Facial, Eye, Gums, Dental, Quadrant Repair, Eye Hand Coordination, Sacred Geometry, General Anatomy and many more. As easy to use as you can imagine! Choose your point of therapy, double click and let your QUEX device carry out the ideal balancing protocols with the optimal intensity and strength.

Smart Report

The Smart Report is everything you ever needed for engaging with your patients and building up your practice! Session information is now simple, visual and captivating!

Smart Report PRO

Did you ever imagine a simple report function can turn out to be your must trusted advisor? Simple for you to use, yet exhaustive and complicated AI algorithms are working in the background to make sure you have the most comprehensive picture of your patient’s session summary. So much more than just bulks of data hard to sort through and interpret, our Smart Report shows you the most accurate results, analyzes trends of improvement, allows for incredible personalization and learns about your patients the more you use it. You will be able to go back in time and search for any item of interest, get an average of improvement of any area of interest in time, see how risks, matrix items, emotions etc. behave in time, see what areas you worked with most and how rectification improves and changes. And if that is not enough, it will also pinpoint issues you might have forgotten, drawing your attention to an item or category that appears in the highest risk areas, to make sure you are not missing any important health aspect related to your patient. Couple your therapist intuition, knowledge and experience with our AI, and you have a perfect match!

All embracing to see the invisible


Quitting smoking can be stressful. Yet it doesn’t have to be! With Anti-S you can now support your customers suppress the urge to smoke, using the principles of Quantum Biofeedback.

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Everybody deserves to feel spiritually and emotionally balanced. And now you can get the key with Prayer, designed for deepening relaxation practices, reducing stressors and balancing the day to day peaks and lows.

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Available Stand-alone Apps

The S-enso was designed to facilitate a deep relaxation process using subtle vibrational re-patterning possibilities of the QUEX Systems. This leading-edge technology is the first of its kind to work with relaxing the muscles which cause facial lines, wrinkles, and unhealthy patterns of holding while also addressing internal belief systems which create stress and tension.

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Technologies that enhance productivity

2 frequency generators

Therapy is done on different threads, simultaneously from the 2 frequency generators, which adapt to the response the system receives through the harnesses
Lissajous, Programmable Waveforms, Square, Spike, Sinus, Saw
The Lissajous curve the device can produce describes the complex harmonic motion that is created when the 2 frequency generators work together with a frequency difference between the 2 and constant adaptation
Communication improved
The communication between the device and the computer is 2 times faster compared to the previous model
Sampling function
Precise sampling function, that greatly increases the quality of the measurements

Technologies and certifications that enhance security

Safety banana plugs
A chip measured and approved according to the current regulations and standards to be safe and effective to use
IEC 60601-1
Tested and approved for Medical electrical equipment Part 1-6, General requirements for safety – Collateral Standard: Usability
IEC 60601-2-26
Tested and approved for Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of electroencephalographs
EN 60601-1-2:2015
Tested and approved for 30-1000 MHz, Class A, Tested and approved for Modulation: PM 18Hz and 217Hz, Tested and approved for 6 Veff 0.15 – 80 MHz Modulation: 1 kHz, 80 % AM, Tested and approved for ±15 kV air, ±8 kV contact

What’s in the Box

  • QUEX S box

    with integrated test plate


    Human Head Harness




  • USB Cable

    Connect the QUEX S box with your computer

  • Computer Bag

  • Installation Media

2 years warranty for the device

6-month warranty for the harnesses