OMNIS Trilogy

From Foundations to Mastery in Holistic Health & Biofeedback Technology

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Your comprehensive hub for knowledge​​

We’ve organized  a  wealth  of  information to provide our practitioners with a holistic perspective. Begin with detailed guidance on navigating the OMNIS, including insider tips   and   techniques.  Progress   through   understanding   the health  context  of  various  pathologies  and  trace  the  patterns  of  stress  reactivity  within  OMNIS.  We  are  committed  to  ensuring you have every resource at your fingertips to excel in your practice.

Dive into the heart of holistic health with our comprehensive Beginner's Guide.

An engaging introduction to the QUEX Biofeedback systems and their benefits. Highlight the unique approach of understanding the human body’s crucial systems and how OMNIS software provides deep insights.

Beginner’s Guide


OMNIS Unveiled: Step into the Fusion of Holistic Health & Science

Immerse yourself in a brand-new course, enriched with never seen before content, essential tips, a vast expanse of reading material, and vital information, all elegantly presented in both video and reading format with a beautiful design, guiding you towards holistic wellness.

Our  aim  is  to  empower  you  to  excel  in  holistic  healthcare,  lifestyle  coaching, and nutritional guidance. By the end of your journey with this  guide,  you’ll  be  well-equipped  to  provide  comprehensive  advice and interventions to those you serve.

The  course  will  guide  you  through  understanding  the  intricate   relationships   between   the   pivotal   systems   within   the   human  body,  using  our  OMNIS  software,  and gaining  insights  into  these  interactions,  helping you apply  a  multifaceted  approach  to  address  the challenges you encounter in your practice.

Complete guide

Includes a comprehensive video course along with a digital manual.

550 EUR*

*For QUEX owners the course is complimentary.

Digital guide only

Includes an extensive digital manual.

175 EUR

Intermediate Guide


OMNIS Explored: Advancing your Journey in Holistic Health & Technology

Coming Soon

Advanced Practitioner's Guide


OMNIS Deep Dive: Expert Strategies in Biofeedback, Wellness, and Holistic Science

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