26jun5:00 pm6:30 pmSeasonal Series – Welcome to our Summer Radiance Webinar!

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As the sun reaches its zenith and nature bursts into full bloom, summer invites us to embrace the warmth and vitality that surrounds us. In today’s webinar, we dive into the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to discover how we can harmonize our well-being with the energy of the summer season.

Summer is associated with the Fire element in TCM, embodying brightness, warmth, and outward expansion. The Heart and Small Intestine are the organs connected to this season, guiding us to
nurture our hearts and maintain balance in the midst of the vibrant energy that summer brings.

In the concept of Yin and Yang, summer leans towards Yang energy. This calls for a focus on cooling and hydrating foods that help us stay balanced in the heat. By aligning our lifestyle and dietary choices with the wisdom of TCM, we can enhance our resilience and radiate with the energy of the season.

Join us as we explore the nourishing power of summer foods and the TCM principles that can guide us towards optimal well-being during this season of abundance. Let’s harness the radiance of
summer and cultivate a sense of vitality in mind, body, and spirit.

Together, let’s shine bright and embrace the fullness of summer!


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June 26, 2024 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Speakers for this event

  • Dr. Igor Cetojevic

    Dr. Igor Cetojevic

    Dr. Igor Četojević, MD, possesses over three decades of expertise in the field of Energy Medicine, specializing in biofeedback/bioresonance methods, holistic healing modalities, and Chinese Traditional Medicine. Through the application of his extensive medical knowledge and experience, Dr. Četojević has achieved remarkable outcomes for patients by effectively identifying and addressing the underlying causes of their health conditions. Notably, his collaboration with Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic during 2010/2011 garnered international recognition for its contribution to Djokovic’s attainment of optimal health and his subsequent ascent to the top ranks of professional tennis. Presently, Dr. Četojević stands as a prominent practitioner and educator in the Biofeedback Systems, delivering lectures at esteemed events such as the QX World Conference in Budapest, Hungary, and conducting advanced seminars worldwide. In his capacity as the managing director of QuantumMedicum in Belgrade, he attends to patients both at this location and at his practice in Limassol, Cyprus.

  • Margrét Margrétardottir

    Margrét Margrétardottir

    Margret is a dynamic speaker and trainer with a remarkable journey of personal transformation and a deep passion for helping others. Her sporting background and experience as a handball trainer in Iceland and Norway laid the foundation for her dedication to physical well-being. 


    From 1994 onwards, Margret embarked on a life of travel and exploration, residing in various countries with her family. However, in 1995, a severe accident in Iceland left her with health challenges that surpassed the capabilities of traditional medicine. 


    Everything changed for Margret in 2005 when she encountered an exceptional practitioner in Iceland who introduced her to the SCIO biofeedback technology. Under this practitioner’s care, her life underwent a remarkable shift, leading her on a path to her own healing. 


    Intrigued and inspired, Margret purchased her first SCIO device in 2006 and embarked on an incredible journey of knowledge expansion. She found joy and fulfillment in delving deep into the intricacies of the technology, driven by a desire to unlock its potential for healing and transformation. 


    Margret’s association with the industry began in early 2007 when she joined as a valuable team member, providing assistance with courses and technical support. She considers herself blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with exceptional instructors, whose guidance has made her journey both thrilling and rewarding. In 2007, she became an NTCB/QA instructor, assuming responsibility for training and technical support in Scandinavia and Iceland. Margret’s teaching engagements at the academy in Budapest commenced in 2008, enabling her to share her knowledge and expertise in captivating locations worldwide. 


    Her affinity for working with animals developed in 2001 when one of her dogs developed epilepsy. Seeking solutions, Margret explored nutrition and alternative methods to enhance animal well-being and manage diseases. While living on the Azores, specifically the Island of Sao Miguel, with her family, she actively engaged in helping homeless and sick animals, even working as an assistant at a veterinarian clinic. This experience transformed Margret’s perspective on life and ignited her own healing process. The resilience and unwavering spirit of animals taught her invaluable lessons about perseverance and hope. To further their mission, her family established an animal organization on the Azores, enabling them to make a greater impact. 


    Since the fall of 2011, Margret has predominantly resided in Portugal, where she has seized numerous opportunities to work closely with animals, particularly horses. Her time in Portugal has been a catalyst for her continued growth and expertise in animal care. 


    Margret is an esteemed teacher and instructor at the QX WORLD Health Academy, recognized for her exceptional expertise and profound understanding of biofeedback technologies. Her extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with the QUEX biofeedback technology have made her an invaluable asset to the academy. As a passionate educator, Margret imparts her wisdom and practical insights to students, guiding them on a transformative journey of understanding and mastery in the field of health and wellness. Through her engaging teaching style and dedication to empowering others, Margret continues to inspire aspiring practitioners and contribute to the growth and development of the next generation of biofeedback professionals through her role at the QX WORLD Health Academy. 


    Margret’s profound personal transformation and the extraordinary impact of the QUEX biofeedback technology have fueled her unwavering passion for sharing knowledge and empowering others. The technology has not only revolutionized her own health but has also introduced her to a network of remarkable individuals who have enriched her life in countless ways.