Let’s resonate – What type of Biofeedback treatments are there?

There are different kinds of biofeedback to choose from, depending on what you want to measure and achieve. Let’s resonate about the seven most common types of biofeedback which you can try as soon as tomorrow (or even today). 

1. Respiratory biofeedback

  • Assesses breathing rates and patterns. 
  • Helpful for people experiencing anxiety. 

2. Thermal biofeedback

  • Measures body temperature (hands). 
  • Reduces or eliminates the effects of stress 
  • Known to reduce migraines. 
  • Can relieve symptoms associated with Raynaud’s disease. 

3. Electroencephalography (EEG)

  • Monitors brain wave activity. 
  • Can help train the brain to stay focused for longer. 
  • Often used by people who have ADHD. 
  • Also known as neurofeedback. 

4. Electromyography (EMG)

  • Looks at muscle tension.  
  • Commonly used to help detect neuromuscular abnormalities. 

5. Electrocardiography (ECG)

  • Checks heart rate and pulse 
  • Can be helpful for people with asthma, heart conditions, COPD, abdominal pains, anxiety, depression, … 


6. Electrodermography (EDG)

  • Monitors the response of the skin and sweat glands 
  • Can support psychotherapeutic purposes. 
  • Commonly used to help people deal with anxiety disorders. 
  • Known to decrease excessive sweating 

7. Quantum biofeedback

At QX WORLD, we specialize in an advanced field of biofeedback called quantum biofeedback. It is the most comprehensive type of biofeedback, combining all of the biofeedback types mentioned above. By measuring bodily responses and making them visible, biofeedback can assess the stress factors that affect our overall physical and mental health.  


Whereas traditional biofeedback devices measure a physiological response and simply feed it back to the conscious mind, quantum biofeedback takes things to a higher – or deeper – level by also addressing the subconscious. More specifically, it relies on the principle of frequency re-education. 


What is frequency re-education?

In a healthy body, all cells operate at their ideal frequency, as nature intends it. In a body that is unbalanced, by contrast, some cells vibrate differently. They emit electromagnetic waves that are unstable.  


The workings of quantum biofeedback devices all come down to exploring the different frequencies at which the human body operates, and re-educating those frequencies if needed. They do the latter by sending a loop of electromagnetic waves through the body to rebalance the frequencies of certain cells. 


It’s all about the feedback loop

We can call this loop of electromagnetic waves a feedback loop. As the quantum biofeedback devices measure the body electric, the therapist can make certain changes to the session. Using the combined effects of visualization and very specific guided imagery, you can see how your body reacts – and try to manipulate your body’s responses, ultimately taking control of bodily functions which are otherwise involuntary. 


Relying on the powers of positive reinforcement, you can achieve tremendous improvement on your general wellbeing or on a specific problem you would like to address through biofeedback. In other words, the feedback loop makes biofeedback sessions all the more effective. 

Questions about our type of biofeedback?

If you have any questions about quantum biofeedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to take your questions and answer them. 

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