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“Penny has spent over 50 years in the health and wellness industry! From her start with Vegetarian Catering in the 70’s she has continued to be passionate with her studies of the human body and finding natural solutions for self-healing.

Her experience is vast and her studies include: Naturopathy, Nutrition, Art, Energetic Medicine, Colour Therapy, Reiki, Healing and Quantum Energy.

She has spent several decades teaching/instructing as a Quantum Biofeedback Master often directly alongside Professor Nelson/Dubounet. She wrote the Original QXCI step by step Manual, over seen by Professor Nelson/Dubounet. This is now known as the SCIO, Eductor, Indigo Manual.

She has been involved with light, frequencies and Nutrition for most of her life and has worked with many doctors and scientists around the globe with energy medicine.

Additionally she has spoken worldwide on topics ranging from light energy, quantum biofeedback and other various health-related topics.

She will assist you in discovering how to work with your Device, light, energy and frequencies to return the human body to the pure gift of wellness through your Quantum Biofeedback Device.

She will teach you how to simplify your biofeedback practice while getting faster and more successful results with each of your clients by understanding the simple dynamics of how the body heals.”

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