Mitochondria, The Key to Understanding Diseases, Aging, and Life Itself!


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“How to Boost & Optimize your Mitochondria, the “”powerhouse”” of your Cell! Mitochondria are crucial to our overall health! Improving the status of our mitochondria is a central tenet of healthy aging!

Mitochondria are the “powerhouse of our cell. Our mitochondria convert nutrients from cells into energy, giving them the ability to carry out various functions, like growth, metabolism, and cellular reproduction.

Poorly functioning mitochondria could lead to fatigue and chronic illness — which could be the reason people get chronically sick (and stay that way!). It’s vital to support our mitochondria.

When is the last time you paid attention to your mitochondrial health? Join us and learn how to care for your Mitochondria!

We will explore the Basics of Mitochondrial Health such as
• Cellular Respiration and Oxidative Phosphorylation
• The Genes and top hindrance for mitochondria
• The Importance of methylation
• The Nutritional and Lifestyle Factors to Improve Mitochondrial Health

We will conclude our presentation with a Protocol on How to Boost & Optimize our Mitochondria with the Quantum Technologies SCIO / INDIGO / EDUCTOR / QUEX”