Nutrition Profiling for All – Etelka Anebtawi

While you may know that malfunctions in our digestive systems are responsible for a multitude of more complex health issues, observing the connections between stressors and (the lack of) proper nutrition can’t be covered enough!  For our this course, please welcome Etelka Anebtawi, who will guide you through the OMNIS-pathway with a heavy focus on nutrition, and will help unravel the hidden correlations and causes between stressors and the endocrine and digestive systems.  Observing these causalities and correlations through the lens of biofeedback sessions have never been more important, and we firmly believe that Etelka’s expertise with our platforms will grant you novel and unique insights to what you can achieve with your sessions for your clients.
Dr Etelka Anebtawi · January 6, 2022

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