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Susan Harms · May 10, 2021

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Susan Harms

Susan Harms is very well known in the Quantum Biofeedback community. She began working with her first device in late 2003, a QXCI and her first SCIO in 2004. In 2005, she started her role with Quantum World Vision Biofeedback. as the Director of International Support Services, helping practitioners with technical and software navigation support. In 2008 she became an instructor and is NTCB and IMMUNE certified. Susan is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to device usage with over 15-year experience. She has been the 'go to person' for providing answers to difficult practitioner questions and is a master at dealing with the software’s navigation nuances and its innate idiosyncrasies. She has worked closely with the programming team to further develop the software, to help locate and overcome issues, & glitches, thus assisting in creating important improvements. The experience gained from doing technical support work, Beta Testing and her involvement in the Indigo’s evolution (hardware and software) has been invaluable in how it has advanced her knowledge and insight for supporting practitioners today. Susan also brings a vast 30-year background as a holistic practitioner using various modalities and approaches like regenerative nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathy, NAET and JMT. Prior to her introduction to the SCIO/Indigo/Eductor devices she spent 8 years working in a complimentary health care clinic in Nova Scotia, Canada. During that time, she used several different EAV technologies to asses her clients. These tools eventually became the primary focus during her consultations. Incorporating these personal experiences, along with continued scientific research and intuition provides her with plenty of insight to help empower both biofeedback practitioners, as well as her personal clients, to facilitate self-healing and rejuvenation.

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