The Invisible

There is so much more than meets the eye

Harvesting an endless source of energy

Scientific fact: waves are all around us: light, infrared, warmth. Without these energy sources we could not function. We at QX World make humans experience and benefit from this invisible reality all around us in their striving towards health improvements at multiple levels.

Applying science for human health

We make the whole spectrum of waves available to you for you to benefit from in a way that you want and expect from us. The products and care options that we develop at QX World are proof of the expertise that we have in addition to classical medical science.

Feel the flow

100% Natural energy

Our products and services use 100% natural energetic effects. You can rely on them to be clinically safe and beneficial when used by our certified and well trained experts.

Experience it yourself

Sessions with our devices give clients the best care and effect possible. It’s so effective people experience and report a measurable boost in well being after being serviced by our professionals.

Human centric thinking

Everything we do, we do it with one goal: improve the well-feeling of human beings. And we have the testimonials to indicate we are well on the right track.


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Ideal for Pain Comfort

Our users report significant improvements in their lives after using our products