We take you higher

As your partner, we take you to new levels

We are your partners

More than product suppliers

At QX World we are not just product vendors. We develop active relationships with our customers and help them get the most out of their relationships with patients.

Benchmark with the best

We regularly host events where we share best practices, tips and tricks. Wanna see some recent practices? Become our partner and learn from the best.

A smart international network

We work with a well thought out network of trusted vendors and distributors. We are organised in regional zones. Benefit from our strong network of QX partners and distributors.

Advanced sales tools at your disposal

Next to products, we also supply you with customer management tools so you can manage your business to a desired level.

Become a Partner:


Global demand for Energetic visualization solutions is booming these days. No doubt this is the perfect moment for your holistic healthcare company to shift into a higher gear and capitalize on this window of opportunity.

  • Differentiate: by proving our value to your business, not only with market-leading products, but also with financial rewards and support
  • Trust: by earning your loyalty thanks to using the most trusted Energetic visualization brand and the outstanding expertise of the QX World employees and collaborators
  • Grow: by introducing new ‘online-based’ solutions and simple go-to-market strategies and processe

By joining the QX World Connect! Program, QX World offers an engaging framework to bring Energetic visualization solutions to the market

  • Reliable: We keep our promise to deliver the product, the support, the commercial benefits as stipulated in the program
  • Simple: The program offers a framework for doing business together, making QX World a simple and transparent partner to work with
  • Engaging: We want to engage in growing our business together, by offering different partner levels and product specializations

QX World Connect! offers a set of benefits and tools based on certain requirements:


  • Program Registration
  • Revenue Commitment
  • Additional Discounts
  • Joint Business Planning
  • Demo Equipment


  • Endorish QX World Values
  • QX World Partner Logo
  • Acces to my QX World Zone
  • Partner Locator


  • QX World Academy
  • Sales Certification

To make sure our Connect! Program answer your needs, we have developed three levels of partnership. Each level includes your organization’s resources, areas of specialization, and engagement.

Fill out the online application form. QX World will then contact you to discuss your entry in the program.