It’s here, and it’s free! The next ‘In the QX Loop’ is now available

Following a successful first and second edition, the third edition of In the QX Loop magazine has finally arrived. You can request your paper copy via [email protected], or quickly download the digital version here. 


In the QX … what?

In the QX Loop offers easy-to-read articles devoted to a healthy lifestyle and complementary healthcare methods, with a special focus on the groundbreaking workings of biofeedback.

What’s new in this edition? 

This edition of In the QX Loop features articles centered around stress and its consequences, including insomnia, overexercising, overall unhappiness, and inability to make decisions. Various natural methods to deal with stress are addressed. Readers will also discover insightful answers to vital questions including (but not limited to) how to minimize the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and what is the best time to exercise.  

Sharing is caring!

Please don’t hesitate to share this free magazine on your social channels. If you’re a health practitioner, we kindly invite you to put this magazine in your waiting room. Simply request your share of copies via [email protected], and we will happily mail them to your practice for a small printing fee. 


Do you have any questions or comments, or would you like to contribute to our next edition? Contact us informally at [email protected]. 

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