Being able to concentrate is not a given. On some days, we cannot help but feel sluggish, taking forever to study for that important test or to complete even the simplest task. Fortunately, listening to the right music is proven to kickstart your brain and help you focus

Why music helps us concentrate

Our emotions, thoughts and physical behaviour are the result of neurons in our brains communicating with each other. By exchanging synchronised electric pulses, the neurons produce brainwaves. The more tired we feel, the slower our brainwaves become and the harder it gets for us to focus. High(er)-frequency brainwaves, by contrast, bring us into a state of alertness.  

Listening to music stimulates our brain to adapt its brainwaves to the frequency of the tunes coming through our ears. Music can, in other words, alter our mood and increase our focus. 

Need music to focus? Discover our playlist(s)!

What type of music, then, works best to help you focus like a monk? Classical music is always a great idea, provided there are no lyrics to distract you. If you’re into a more contemporary sound*, it’s important to pick out tunes that don’t prompt an urge to dance. 

*Check out our playlist on Spotify called “Focus. It’s a QX World.”  

Good to know: we also made other playlists to help you relaxsleep and boost your energy levels 

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