“I didn’t think my tinnitus would ever stop. Then this miracle happened.”

A conventional cure for tinnitus is not yet available. Fortunately, there are solutions that can help ease the symptoms and, in some cases, even make them disappear entirely. One such solution is quantum biofeedback, increasingly popular with healthcare providers. Dr. Márta Simon offers it in her practice in Budapest, Hungary. QX World talked to her and one of her clients, Agnes N. (74), about their shared experience.  


Not an illness

QX: What is tinnitus exactly? 


Dr. Simon: People who suffer from tinnitus report a simple hearing sensation that does not come from an external source. It can occur in one or both ears, and can be temporary, recurring, or permanent. The sound phenomenon is quite varied. But what is common in all types of tinnitus is that it is annoying, at the least, up to the point where it becomes psychologically exhausting.


Agnes: I heard a very high-pitched tone most of the time. A kind of whistling that could go on for hours. Sometimes the whistling stopped for a while, but then a pulsating, rustling sound would take over soon after.  


Dr. Simon: I also want to point out that tinnitus is a symptom, not an illness. It can have numerous causes, for example ear infections, exposure to loud noises, age-related hearing loss, head trauma, problems with the muscles, blood vessels or nerves around the ear, … The list goes on. Also, stress is known to trigger or worsen conditions that may be contributing to tinnitus, presumably because it increases the brain’s sensitivity to sound. 


Joint pain

QX: Why is there no cure for tinnitus? 


Dr. Simon: A cure is hard to find because tinnitus is a complex condition with many potential causes. Conventional treatments may include medication, cognitive therapy, and sound therapy. However, these treatments don’t always work for everyone, and some patients will continue to experience symptoms. 


Agnes: Indeed, I had tried a lot of things already. I just assumed the whistling in my ear would never stop. So, it wasn’t even the reason why I came to see Dr. Simon in the first place. I made an appointment with her hoping to find relief from my joint pain, which had been bothering me for years. Nothing seemed to work, and that’s when Dr. Simon suggested trying quantum biofeedback. 



QX: How does quantum biofeedback work? 


Dr. Simon: A quantum biofeedback device reads the so-called body electric, or the electrical and electromagnetic activity that occurs within living organisms. At a basic level, the body uses electricity to communicate and control its functions. Neurons, for example, generate electrical impulses to communicate with one another and with other cells in the body.


QX: What does a session feel like? 


Agnes: To my surprise, I found it very relaxing. All I had to do was sit comfortably while Dr. Simon and the device did the rest. Sometimes I felt a slight tingling sensation, but it was a good kind of tingling. Then, a few months in, this miracle happened


Additionally, the quantum biofeedback device can send gentle electromagnetic pulses through the body to help restore its natural balance. After a few sessions, this can have a positive effect on tinnitus symptoms, reducing or even eliminating them altogether. 


Complete approach

QX: Did the tinnitus go away? 


Agnes: It’s almost entirely gone. After a few two-weekly sessions, I noticed that the whistling sound wasn’t occurring that often anymore, and that it had become a lot less intense too. While it hasn’t completely vanished, it’s certainly more manageable now and it doesn’t interfere with my daily life as much. 


QX: Isn’t that odd, since the idea was addressing joint pain? 


Dr. Simon: While not entirely intended in this case, the effect did not surprise me, no.  


One of the benefits of quantum biofeedback is that it offers a complete approach to health whereas other tools focus on a single part of the body or a specific treatment. Approaching the body as a whole is important when it comes to tinnitus, as it can have numerous causes which are not always clear. 


In fact, I have had several clients with tinnitus who have found relief through quantum biofeedback. While not a cure itself, it can address underlying causes of tinnitus next to helping people manage the symptoms and improving quality of life. 

Dr. Márta Simon  is a neurologist, somnology expert and health coach. She lives in Budapest, Hungary, where she runs her own biofeedback and natural beauty clinic.   

Agnes N. (74) is a retired dancer living in Budakeszi with her husband and their two cats. Although she suffers from rheumatic joint pain, she likes to do her own grocery shopping and travels by bicycle as often as she can

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