Let’s resonate – Why are QX biofeedback devices the cream of the crop?

In the world of biofeedback, QUEX S and QUEX ED devices stand out. But what is it that makes these biofeedback devices so special compared to others on the market? Let’s zoom in on their unique qualities and abilities. 


Quantum biofeedback sessions

A first and very important reason why QUEX S and QUEX ED differ from other biofeedback devices is that they are among the few that enable quantum biofeedback sessions.  


What is quantum biofeedback? 

Whereas traditional types of biofeedback measure physiological responses and feed those back to the conscious mind, quantum biofeedback takes things to a higher – or deeper – level by also addressing the subconscious.  


Quantum biofeedback devices not only scan the body for stressors or SOCs (Suppressions and Obstructions to Cure), they also attempt to rebalance the out of range frequencies of unhealthy cells, by means of electric pulses triggering those cells to autonomously return to their ideal state using their self-regenerating ability. So, instead of the client having to try and alter certain automatic body functions themselves, the QUEX ED and QUEX S send out electromagnetic waves that do (most of) the work for them.   


In this way, quantum biofeedback does not only offer physical advantages but can also significantly improve the ability to focus, even in people who are struggling with ADHD or autism. The technology is also known to have helped people find relief from diseases, allergies and  stress. 


Universal energetic devices

Another reason why the QUEX S and QUEX ED are making waves in the field of biofeedback is that they run on the OMNIS software which has also been developed by QX World. That means they offer all known health knowledge integrated into one holistic system, as opposed to other devices that work according to specific approaches.  


In other words, healthcare practitioners who use the QUEX S or QUEX ED no longer need to rely on a combination of different energetic devices to offer clients a complete picture of their health-related stressors. 

Xrroid scan

Next to tracking possible stressors or SOCs (Suppressions and Obstructions to Cure), the QX ED and QX S are the only biofeedback devices that have the licensed technology to do the Xrroid scan, a copyrighted technique, allowing practitioners to make very specific suggestions in relation to lifestyle and improving wellbeing.  


The Xrroid scan measures the body’s electrical parameters of voltage, amperage, resistance, hydration, oxygenation, and pH (or VARHOP for short) and the response to thousands of trivector signatures at biological speed.Specifically, the Xrroid scan takes the voltammetric signatures of thousands of items, sending them through the body to measure the stress reactivity reactions of the client. The scan provides a stressor map recorded on a numeric scale from strongest to weakest, as compared to the client’s original baseline or normal range of responses. The result is a comprehensive overview of the stress reactivity to many aspects of life. 


Rather than presenting exact measurements, VARHOP scores are expressed on a percentage scale, with 85% to 100% being a very good score. Easy for clients interpret, this percentage scale is also integrated with the client’s numeric scores on a previously taken lifestyle questionnaire as well as with their SOCs.   


35 years of research and development

The QUEX ED and QUEX S are the result of thirty-five years of research and development. They are safe and efficient evaluation systems which are also fully automatic and objective. 

We go the extra mile

Moreover, the QX World Software Care program ensures regular updates for the OMNIS software. It keeps the complete database system secure and adds new features and improvements to answer the evolving needs of our customers’ practices. 


Finally, at QX World we are not just product vendors. We develop active relationships with our customers, never hesitating to go the extra mile to help them get the most out of their relationships with their clients. 

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