Do you tend to have a tough time falling or staying asleep? We hear you. Millions of people face sleeping difficulties that cannot be solved by counting sheep. Fortunately, the effects of listening to music before and while you sleep are not to be underestimated!  

Why listen to music before bedtime?

Studies have shown that most people who listen to music right before bedtime enjoy better-quality sleep. Relaxing music especially lowers the heart rate and reduces feelings of stress and anxiety. It can even put a stop to the train of thoughts that keeps you from dozing off. 

5 healthy sleep habits

To make your body and brain more receptive to sleep-aiding music, healthy sleep habits are crucial.  The way you behave right before bedtime, but also during the day, can make it more difficult – or easier – for you to fall sleep. Experts recommend combining sleep music therapy with healthy routines, including: 

Getting up at the same time every day (weekends and holidays included).
Trying to get at least seven solid hours of sleep.
Limiting exposure to light in the evenings (that includes screens, too).
Avoiding beverages and large meals before bedtime.
Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet. 

Music that helps you sleep

It is said that 60-80 beats per minute is the ideal tempo to prep your body and mind for sleep, but what’s even more important is the way certain songs make you feel. Music is and always will be a personal experience. If you’re fond of contemporary sounds, be sure to check out our playlist on Spotify called “Sleep. Snooze. It’s a QX World.” 

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