Let’s resonate – How can biofeedback alleviate existing conditions?

Biofeedback therapy has proven to be effective in improving both people’s mental and physical health. Let’s resonate on how it works and what results you can expect. 

What conditions can biofeedback help with?

Biofeedback can address a wide range of conditions. It is certainly worth looking into if you suffer from: 


  • depression 
  • schizophrenia 
  • ADHD 

Understand the cause

The first step that biofeedback helps you take towards achieving mental and physical health is understanding what causes your symptoms. Specifically, biofeedback is based on the idea that healthy body and brain cells all vibrate at a certain frequency.  


A biofeedback device scans the brain and body to spot imbalanced cells, i.e., cells which are not vibrating at their intended frequency. The therapist operating the device then knows exactly what problem(s) require(s) addressing. If the therapist uses a quantum biofeedback device, the device can even re-educate the cells (including the cells that make up your immune system) with no special effort required on your part. 


At QX World, we believe biofeedback works best when it is part of a complete holistic approach. Hence, our quantum biofeedback software is programmed with over 15,000 voltammetric signatures, including brain waves, heart rate variability and galvanic skin resistance. They work with all known holistic health knowledge integrated into one system, as opposed to other devices on the market which focus on specific holistic methods only. 

Control your body’s response

Next to helping you find out what’s wrong, biofeedback therapy can increase your sense of control, both mentally and physically. The biofeedback device monitors your brain waves, heart rate, breathing, skin temperature or muscle tension (depending on what condition or symptoms you have), and displays the results on a monitor or by means of sound or light. 


While the biofeedback therapist teaches you to make changes in your body at will, you watch (or hear) the results of your efforts. Through repeated practice, you learn to sense when your stress or anxiety levels are about to surge, and know exactly what to do to take back control 

Boost the effects of drugs and treatments

It is commonly acknowledged that quantum biofeedback can boost the effects of drugs and other therapies. Because quantum biofeedback re-educates the body electric, it acts as a catalyst. In short, it helps even the pathways needed for certain drugs, chemotherapy and other types of treatments to take maximum effect.

Enjoy the newly created pathways in your brain

If you are determined to take control of your health and willing to put in the work, there is no limit to what biofeedback can do for you. Once re-educated, your brain (and body) will remember the lessons learned, even years after you’ve completed therapy. We hope you will enjoy the newly created pathways in your brain and live your life to the fullest.  


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