Let’s resonate – Is biofeedback safe, or can there be side effects? 

Biofeedback sessions involve being hooked up to a special harness and a biofeedback device that uses electric current. Some people are put off by the sight of the many wires, fearing that the frequencies used may be harmful to their health. But rest assured: biofeedback has no side effects and is perfectly safe. 

Biofeedback has no side effects

Biofeedback is generally known to be non-invasive, and there are no side effects or complications related to it. It is a safe and increasingly popular complementary healthcare method for both adults and children – provided they don’t carry a pacemaker. As unusual as it may sound, it works for animals as well. 


How does a biofeedback device work?

Here’s how it works. First, the biofeedback therapist places electric sensors painlessly on your skin. A very gentle electric current is then sent through your body, providing feedback about your body’s responses. The electric current is so gentle that most people don’t even notice it. People who do notice something describe it as a very pleasant, warming sensation similar to taking a bath that is just the right temperature. 


Simply sit back and relax

If the therapist uses a quantum biofeedback device, it will attempt to re-educate the cells and brainwaves that are causing you to feel out of balance. All you have to do is sit back and relax while the device does all the work for you.  


Through continued therapy, you can use quantum biofeedback to adjust how your body and brain, as well as different parts of the brain, ‘talk’ to each other. Possible long-term benefits of biofeedback include increased focus and relaxation, relief of allergy symptoms and other kinds of mental and physical problems.  

Want to learn more? Let’s resonate!

Essentially, biofeedback therapy is a learning process with positive outcomes and no side effects that teaches you how to keep involuntary physiological responses under control.  

If you suspect that biofeedback might be ideal for you, make sure to check out our Let’s resonate series on YouTube as they cover all aspects of biofeedback sessions. 


Do you have questions for us in the meantime? Or are you not sure how to get started with biofeedback sessions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. The QX World team is happy to help you take charge of your health. 


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