Let’s Resonate – Is biofeedback suitable for both adults and children?

Biofeedback has yielded some remarkable results in adults dealing with numerous types of conditions. But is biofeedback useful and safe for children, too? It certainly is. Continue reading to discover what makes this special kind of therapy suitable for all ages. 

All humans have a ‘body electric’

Biofeedback – or better said, quantum biofeedback – taps into what scientists call the body electric. All humans, both adults and children, and even animals, have an electric circuit that consists of cells which are all linked to each other and vibrate at a certain frequency. In a healthy body, all cells operate at their ideal frequency, as nature intends them to. But when stress, anxiety, addiction or allergies come into play, certain cells lose their balance. 


How does a quantum biofeedback device work?

To help reset the out-of-balance body electric, quantum biofeedback devices such as the QUEX S and QUEX ED apply principles of electric engineering. By sending electric pulses through the body, the device tries to locate frequency imbalances and sets out to re-educate the body electric. How? By sending a loop of carefully constructed electromagnetic waves into the body. That may sound painful, but you can rest assured that it is not. Most people don’t even feel a thing because the voltage is so low. 

Biofeedback therapy for children

An increasingly popular method for addressing ADHD, autism and learning disabilities, quantum biofeedback therapy essentially works the same way for both children and adults. 


However, children must be able to sit still enough for about fifty minutes and for the harnesses to hold properly, so the therapy can take full effect. It may prove useful to give the child a toy to keep them occupied if gamification (see below) proves too challenging for their age. The number of sessions needed to achieve optimal results varies from person to person. On average, fifty-minute sessions are recommended on a weekly basis, for ten to twenty weeks.  

Fun for everyone

Perhaps the main reason why quantum biofeedback therapy is so effective in both children and adults is its fun factor. To help boost concentration, for instance, the therapist runs a specially designed biofeedback protocol through the device. While hooked to the biofeedback device, the child or adult must try to complete a task that requires special focus and can only be completed through brainpower alone, for instance trying to make a computer animation freeze or turn a different color. 


Like learning to ride a bicycle

The results achieved through quantum biofeedback therapy can be permanent. It’s not unlike learning to ride a bicycle, as new pathways in the brain are created through repeated practice. Even years after completing therapy, the brain will remember how it can use these pathways to concentrate for longer periods of time.  

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