Let’s Resonate – What is biofeedback?

Your body constantly gives feedback about your wellbeing. When you feel stressed, for example, your heart rate increases and your hands may start to feel sweaty. When you are tired, you may get a headache. And so forth. The information the body gives you is  called  biofeedback. Continue reading to learn more about biofeedback, and to find out how measuring this valuable information can help you take control over your body and mind. 


If you can measure it, you can change it

Did you know you are actually quite experienced in practicing traditional biofeedback yourself? Whenever you step on a bathroom scale, you do so because you want to know exactly how much you weigh. The scale measures your weight and gives you feedback via the display. Depending on the feedback you receive, you then make a conscious decision to change  or retain your weight.   


Similarly, yet on a more advanced level, professional divers use biofeedback to consciously lower their heart rate and adapt their breathing patterns when under water. Athletes use biofeedback to optimize their posture and performance, soldiers apply it to increase their pain tolerance, and so on.  


Sounds difficult? Mastering the workings of biofeedback takes time and practice indeed. Fortunately, though, quantum biofeedback requires no special effort on your side at all. 


What is quantum biofeedback?

Whereas traditional biofeedback measures a physiological response and simply feeds it back to the conscious mind, quantum biofeedback focuses on the unconscious parts of the body and brain. So, instead of having to try and alter certain automatic body functions yourself, the quantum biofeedback device sends out electromagnetic waves thatdo (most of) the work for you.   


How that works exactly? It all comes down to vibrations. In a healthy body, all cells operate at their ideal frequency, as nature intends it. Unhealthy cells, by contrast, vibrate differently. The quantum biofeedback device detects what’s wrong, by sending electric pulses through the body. The waves attempt to cancel out the abnormal frequencies of unhealthy cells, helping them return to their healthy state.  

The benefits of quantum biofeedback therapy

Quantum biofeedback therapy can boost both children’s and adults’ ability to focus, even those who are struggling with ADHD or autism. Many people find relief from diseases, allergies and stress as well.  


Moreover, quantum biofeedback can even significantly improve the effects of medication and other kinds of therapies. We know for a fact that people tend to handle rehabilitation programs better when quantum biofeedback is used to improve their focus and to decrease feelings of anxiety and depression. In other words, quantum biofeedback therapy can enhance any type of therapy imaginable.  


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