“Migraine no longer controls my life.”

Happy in her relationship and successfully running her own restaurant, Lisa F. (31) seemed to have it all when she first came to see Dr. Márta Simon. “My life was everything I ever dreamed it would be,” she says, “apart from these constant migraine attacks.” Continue reading to find out how Dr. Simon helped her to finally find relief. 


Flashing lights

QX: What is a migraine attack like? 

Lisa: It’s a throbbing pain that usually emerges on the left side of my head. Sometimes I feel so nauseous it makes me vomit and unable to take a painkiller. I love my girlfriend and my job a lot, don’t get me wrong. But on some days, I was so sensitive to light that I couldn’t have lunch with her, let alone make it through one shift at our restaurant. Next thing I know, I started seeing flashing lights before an attack. That worried me a lot.    


Dr. Simon: What Lisa is describing here is called a migraine aura. The flashes she sees are caused by reduced blood flow to the eye, due to narrowing blood vessels. Many people suffering from migraine report visual disturbances like flashing lights, blurred vision, and blind spots.  

QX: Do we know what causes migraine? 


Lisa: I went to see several doctors but none of them were able to pinpoint the cause. This one doctor told me it was simple genetics, and that I couldn’t do anything about it.  


Dr. Simon: That doesn’t surprise me. Unfortunately, while genetics can indeed be a factor, the exact cause of migraine remains unknown. I myself believe that there are different possible causes, varying from person to person. Which is exactly why quantum biofeedback can prove so very useful to migraine patients.  


Underlying causes

QX: What is quantum biofeedback? 


Dr. Simon: A quantum biofeedback session for migraines typically involves attaching sensors to the skin to measure the body’s energy fields. Looking at the body as a whole, it sets out to find underlying causes rather than looking at migraine as a result of temporary changes in the chemicals, nerves and blood vessels in the brain. 


QX: What kind of causes are we talking about? 


Dr. Simon: A quantum biofeedback device provides feedback on more than 15,000 potential imbalances, such as stress, sleep disorders, spinal issues and certain food intolerances that may be triggering the migraine attacks. 


Lisa: In my case, working irregular hours combined with not drinking enough water turned out to be the major triggers. I thought I was drinking plenty of fluids, but Dr. Simon explained to me that coffee and energy drinks actually have a dehydrating effect. Because most of my migraine attacks occur when I’m feeling anxious, stress probably is a huge trigger for me as well. 



QX: Can quantum biofeedback also cure migraine? 


Dr. Simon: The effectiveness of quantum biofeedback for treating migraines has not yet been scientifically proven, but over the years I have seen numerous patients learn to reduce the frequency and intensity of their migraine attacks thanks to regular quantum biofeedback sessions 


QX: How is that possible? 


Dr. Simon: I believe that migraines, and many other health issues, are often the result of imbalances in the body’s energy fields. Next to finding imbalances, a quantum biofeedback device sets out to re-educate the body by means of soft electric pulses, enabling it to function more efficiently. 


Lisa: At first, it was a little strange. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But Dr. Simon explained everything to me and put me at ease. During the sessions, I could feel a sort of tingling sensation in my body, but it wasn’t uncomfortable or painful at all. 


Dr. Simon: Yes, that’s a common experience. It’s just the electrical impulses passing through the body and helping to balance the energy fields. 


QX: How are you feeling today, Lisa? 

Lisa: Migraine no longer controls my life. I started to notice a difference after about four or five sessions already. I wasn’t getting migraines as often, and when I did, they weren’t as severe. It’s an amazing technology and I’m very grateful that Dr. Simon introduced me to it. 

Dr. Márta Simon  is a neurologist, somnology expert and health coach. She lives in Budapest, Hungary, where she runs her own biofeedback and natural beauty clinic.  

Lisa F. (31) lives in Budapest with her partner Hanna. Having started out as waitresses, they now run their own restaurant and catering business together. 

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