Event speakers • QX Webinars 2020

Gage Tarrant

Gage Tarrant has been using and teaching Biofeedback since early 2002. Originally, she spent most of her time creating new ways to apply the theories and practice of her background in counseling to the NLP fields within the program. The methods that she developed, as a result of that effort, are based in creating powerful new positive beliefs at the subconscious level in ways that also support wellness by releasing stress from stored memory patterns. These in-depth techniques have a proven track record of success from a broad scope of practitioners from the 13 different countries where she taught them live, as well as the 33 different countries her online students are from. Her ‘approach to Human Growth and Development (HGD) are the basis of her proprietary approach to education at the Institute of Stress Sciences.

Gage graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Humanities, then went on to study Clinical Hypnotherapy through HMI in Los Angeles, California. Additionally, she is certified in Combination Homeotherapeutics, designed by Desire Dubonnet, was a member of the American Counseling Association and American Hypnosis Association, and was one of the first vetted 200 hypnotherapists accepted into the Blue Cross of California Healthy Extensions insurance program for integrative complementary medicine.

She completed her Masters of Education at Concordia University, Portland with an action-research proposal capstone that is at the heart of her new ISS curriculum, as well as the basis of the research protocols she will be presenting at the QX World, Ltd. Conference in Budapest. She was a regular guest instructor for Scio International’s program recognized by the University of Timisoara’s Victor Babes School of Pharmacology in Romania, where she contributed a basic operations instruction program for the medical students and doctors there in addition to teaching advanced counseling and biofeedback techniques for the in-class integrative medicine components.

She served as a Provider of Information, Vice President of Compliance for the largest North American medical device broker from 2008-2010, and helped lead the Quantum Biofeedback industry through vast revisions of marketing and educational content that resulted a Corrective Action Plan that enabled the continuance of our modality legally in the United States.

As the Bio-Acoustic Designer for the Sapphire System and in collaboration with QXWorld, Ltd. and Desire Dubounnet, she incorporated the art of intentional relaxation training coupled precisely with the newly rediscovered frequencies of Solfeggio Tones as integrated with selected energetic medicine programs, and which were composed musically to match both the content of her authored guided imageries and underlying energetic medicine signatures. This work was extended later to the MindNrg Program for IOS and Androids. She is the founder of MindNrg Co-Creative Sanctuary and the Institute of Stress Sciences dedicated, respectively, to device placement support services and education.

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