What everyone wants to know about biofeedback ?

The limits to what biofeedback sessions can achieve are yet to be discovered. But even though there is still much left to explore, many already agree that it can work wonders in numerous ways. In this article, healthcare practitioner Wim Verschelden answers some of the most common questions he receives about biofeedback and the benefits it provides. 


How can biofeedback relieve stress and anxiety? 

Quantum biofeedback sessions teach you to get in touch with your body and brain. In my practice, for instance, I use a specialist quantum biofeedback device that makes my clients increasingly aware of how their body operates when under pressure. Because they are better able to sense when their stress and anxiety levels are about to surge, they also become more efficient at nipping the unpleasant feelings in the bud. I teach them various relaxation methods to do so.  


Can biofeedback help children with ADHD? 

Yes, quantum biofeedback is very effective in helping children with ADHD and even autism. In these children, the frontal and parietal lobes (the part of the brain that enables us to concentrate) work differently. While hooked to the biofeedback device, the child tries to complete a task that requires special focus, for example trying to make a video pause by using brainpower alone. Depending on how the child performs, the video responds differently. Through repeated practice, the child’s brain figures out how to concentrate for longer periods of time.

Can biofeedback help you quit smoking? 

It sure can. Studies have shown that smoking and anxiety go hand in hand. Some doctors even compare nicotine to popular tranquilizers such as Valium. Because biofeedback teaches you to mimic the relaxing effect of nicotine on your own, it becomes much easier to make your desire to smoke decrease.  

Can biofeedback help with allergies? 

It is important to know that allergies occur when the immune system overreacts. To tackle a ‘harmful’ substance, the body produces more antibodies than needed. The immune system overreacts in this way because it is out of balance: your immune barriers don’t function right or the micro-organisms living at those barriers are out of sync. A biofeedback system detects which cells have lost their balance and sends electrical pulses to the brain to re-educate the immune system. Because the immune system remembers how it is supposed to function, allergy medications and other treatments will work more efficiently.   


Is biofeedback suitable for everyone? 

Quantum biofeedback is suitable for almost anyone regardless of gender, age or medical condition. Still, I advise to always consult with your healthcare provider first, as the biofeedback device sends a gentle electrical current through the body. It is painless and most people don’t even feel it, but it will, however, interfere with electronic devices such as pacemakers.

Does it work for animals, too? 

Animals are unable to tell us what is troubling them, let alone understand what changes they need to make to become healthy. However, the answer is yes! Quantum biofeedback is even perfectly suited for animals, specifically because the device sends gentle electrical pulses to the unconscious parts of the brain. The waves detect which cells have lost their balance and attempt to cancel out the abnormal frequencies of these unhealthy cells, helping them return to their intended state. It requires no special efforts on the animal’s side at all.  


About Wim Verschelden 

Following a successful career in the pharmaceutical sector, Wim Verschelden started his own natural healthcare practice ten years ago. Today, he combines his fulltime practice with teaching master classes in Bioresonance in Belgium, and Quantum Tech master classes in the Netherlands. 

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