People have been using music to relax since, well, forever. But what kind of music works best? We figured it out and put together a relaxing playlist for you, free to download.

The soothing power of music

Why does music have such a calming effect on us? It’s an age-old question, while in fact … Plato already knew the answer. He found out that the universe is as a never-ending series of vibrations or tones. The universe is, in other words, music. By listening to music, we attune to the tones of the universe and can self-heal, growing more and more aware that we are rightfully part of the world we live in. 

432 vibrations per second

Plato discovered that the universe operates at 432 vibrations (Hertz) per second. This so-called primordial tone is all around us. Present in nature and mathematics, it’s even reflected in the orbits of the planets.


The primordial tone explains why so many people find classical music soothing. Bach, Brahms, Verdi and many other classical composers purposely wrote their music in the ‘standard’ A key at 432 Hertz.

Need music to relax? Discover our playlist(s)!

It’s not just classical music which has a calming effect. Are you more into contemporary beats? Then  be sure to check out our playlist on Spotify called “Relax. It’s a QX World”.  

Good to know: we also made other playlists to help you sleepfocus and boost your energy levels.  

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