Music heals. When we feel gloomy or sad, music helps us work through our sorrows. When we have trouble sleeping, listening to the right beats helps us relax. And when we’re having a hard time focusing on an important test or project, it’s music to the rescue. But did you know music can be the ultimate energizer, too? Let’s zoom in on its motivational power!

A winning mindset

Have you ever noticed how many professional athletes have their earphones plugged in, right before a game or race? They are using music to crank themselves up, soaking up all the motivation they can to get into the mindset of a winner. Indeed, studies show that the right music can improve motivation. The reason? Music stimulates dopamine levels in the brain.

Dopamine: the happy ‘go-getter’ hormone

Listening to certain types of music encourages your brain to release increased levels of dopamine. The same thing happens whenever we eat our favourite food or have sexual relations – hence, dopamine is often called ‘the happy hormone’. But dopamine does more than just make us feel good. It also regulates motivation and influences our motor reactions accordingly, triggering goal-oriented behaviours in anticipation of a reward.

Music for motivating yourself

The best music to motivate yourself is fast-paced and upbeat, building in tempo and volume as the song progresses. If you’re fond of contemporary sounds, be sure to check out our playlist on Spotify called “Energize. It’s QX World.”

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