What is the best diet? Staying energized is crucial

Going on a diet, it seems, is easier than ever. Whatever it is you strive to achieve regarding your body, a quick Google search is all it takes to discover ‘the best diet’ that is ‘fast and easy’ to boot. Yet finding a diet that works for you – helping you to achieve your body goals while making you feel great, too – is a bit more complex. So, in this article, we focus on what kind of diet (or lifestyle, as we prefer to call it) will make you feel the most energized.  

A healthy diet is a balanced diet

The problem with most fad diets is that they are impossible to keep up and very much focused on looks rather than health, particularly on weight loss. They don’t necessarily promote the best way to keep your body healthy and nourished, and don’t always give you the energy you need to get through the day. Often, these kinds of diets are all but balanced, cutting out entire food groups. 


While some foods are indeed to be avoided, others are crucial if you want to support your immune system and adopt a healthy diet.

What are foods to avoid?

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room: processed foods are not on your side. They consist of simple carbohydrates that make your energy levels spike fast, and come crashing down in the same way. Avoiding them is a good starting point in your journey towards better health and balanced energy. 


Simple carbohydrates 

  • white flour 
  • white bread 
  • white rice 
  • fruit juices 
  • breakfast cereals 
  • potato chips 
  • sugar 
  • … 

What are healthy foods that give you energy?

Food contains energy in the form of nutrients: complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats, all of them incredibly important in fueling the body. Complex carbs high in fiber are sustained sources of energy as the body digests them slowly and consistently. There are no sudden energy spikes, nor sudden crashes. Foods high in protein are also an essential part of a balanced meal, as are healthy fatty foods in moderate amounts. 

Complex carbs high in fiber

  • steel cut oats  
  • whole grain bread  
  • whole grain pasta  
  • brown basmati rice  
  • starchy vegetables like potatoes and beans 

High-protein foods

  • chicken  
  • fish 
  • turkey  
  • eggs  
  • chickpeas  
  • beans  
  • lentils 
  • …  

Healthy fatty foods

  • avocados 
  • nuts 
  • seeds  

Don’t forget to drink enough water

Let’s also state the obvious. Without drinking enough water, you are not going to achieve the results you’re after. Staying hydrated is just as important as eating the right kind of foods. Did you know, by the way, that there is an ideal way of drinking water, too?   

How many times a day should you eat?

Now that you know what foods to eat and what to avoid, the next question many people ask themselves is how often to eat and how much. Our experts are a fan of intermittent fasting, where longer periods without eating positively affect different mechanisms in the body.  


Keep an eye on our blog, because we will soon be publishing an article on this very topic. 


Discover the best diet for your body

Getting on the right track is not easy, be kind to yourself. Take it all one step at a time.  And listen to your body. In that respect, a biofeedback expert can help you gather valuable data to determine what the best diet is for you. They will also gladly explain to you how biofeedback can help you take control of your health, and give you valuable insights to make the best decisions in terms of nutrition. 

About Andreea Taflan
Andreea Taflan is the CEO and a co-founder of QX World. She studied Business Management and Marketing and has a master’s degree in Public Relations and Communications. In 2005, Andreea was appointed the right hand of the original developer of biofeedback technology and since 2012 she has taken the lead in further developing the technology. Currently, she leads both the software and hardware department at QX World and is considered one of the top experts in the field of biofeedback. 

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